About Me

The United States has always valued cost savings over unique design when building its cities. My goal is to completely shift how Americans view architecture and the creation of a building. Instead of trying to cut corners or reduce labor, I want to show that there are benefits to going the extra mile and trying something new.  

My name is Kurt Lawstrum and I have worked in roofing and architecture for the last twenty years. In that time, I’ve created architectural designs for all sorts of inventive structures, including earthships and environmentally sustainable buildings

This dedication to unique design began in my early twenties when I graduated college and began working at a small roofing company. We serviced houses all over the Milwaukee area. Building essentially the same roof over and over again every day. No matter what was best for the homeowners, we were always restricted by price. Leading to standard finishes that didn’t provide long term value for the consumer. Over the course of five years, I worked my way into a leadership role at the company and tried to shift the businesses focus towards more exotic builds. This didn’t go well. So, I left the company and began my own business.  

In the years since, I’ve utilized state of the art technology and cutting-edge architecture theory to build future forward houses. By implementing solar paneled roofing, sustainable garbage systems, and environmentally friendly heating systems, we’ve been able to achieve a net zero emissions standard that has revolutionized housing. Which led me to creating this blog. I wanted a space where I could share my projects and provide helpful information for new or potential home owners. Challenging standard ideas of architecture one article at a time.