5 Big mistakes homeowners make

MISTAKES HOMEOWNERS MAKEThere are many decisions you’ll make in your lifetime as a homeowners. Most of these decisions revolve around your property and you must be careful not to be a victim of a decision you’d have otherwise avoided. From roofing repairs to purchasing and replacing your existing roof, you need to involve a roofing professional to stay safe and avoid costly problems in the future.

Homeowners are always falling prey to roofing scams and other decisions that were aimed at saving money but things never worked as planned. Here are some of the mistakes you might make especially when purchasing a new roof.

  • Installing the roofing system yourself

The first and most important thing you need to understand is that purchasing and installing a new roof involves so many decisions, some of which you can’t make by yourself. So you’ve just purchased your roofing material from a home improvement store where you’ve been told you can go ahead and install the new roof yourself and you’re excited to do it. This is very wrong. Installing a new roof requires someone who is licensed and skilled in the roofing industry.

Don’t even imagine getting help from a family member or friend who knows nothing about installing a new roof. Installing a new roof involves roof ventilation requirements, structural installation concerns and safety issues which, if not handled by a professional, might go wrong.

  • Hiring a roofing contractor that want to start right away

It’s possible for a roofing contractor to start the project right away especially when it’s off-season. However, it is important to do some research on the company. Find out their experience in roof installation, how long they have been in business and their safety record. Also check if they’re licensed and insured.

  • Not asking about warranties

You should forget asking about roofing warranties. As a matter of fact, a reliable and reputable roofing contractor should be using roofing materials from manufacturers that warranty their roofing products from defects. It doesn’t end there. The contractor should also present to you a warranty for workmanship that guarantees the quality of work.

  • Shopping for price only

Of course you’re working with a budget and you don’t want to spend anything extra from your pocket. After doing your research and receiving estimates, compare the prices before making your decision. If any of the prices appear to be too low from the others, don’t hurry to close the deal. Take time and find out if the bid includes all the services and roofing materials. A high price also doesn’t necessarily mean quality service. Find out if there are any hidden costs, the quality of materials being used and the cost of installing and removing the roof. In other words, find out why the estimate is too high or too low.

  • Agreeing to a ‘must act now’ deal

Probably you’ve encountered a salesperson who tried forcing you to decide or lose the deal. This cuts across many other industries. If you come across any roofing company that tries to entice or force you to take the deal because they’re offering a low price or a discount, be wary. The decision of purchasing and installing a roofing system shouldn’t be made in a hurry. Always take your time researching on different companies, comparing quotes, and deciding the type of roofing material you want for your home.